What's hot from #MWC18? 

Get On Top Of the most important takeaways when it comes to connectivity for IoT from the Mobile World Congress 2018. 

Low Power Wide Area Networks (LPWAN) are required for a whole range of IoT applications, both as a complement to other connectivity and stand alone. The key requirements that LPWAN respond to are years of battery life, cheap components, tiny size and weight, and low cost traffic and subscriptions - all crucial factors when everything gets connected. 

Introduction and master of ceremony:
Magnus Melander, co-founder THINGS and founder SMSE

Confirmed speakers:
Mari Sandå
, Head of Product Management Division X, Telia Company 
Kalle Eneroth, IoT Sweden
Adam Dunkel, CEO & Founder, Thingsquare
Mats Pettersson, CEO Digital Nordix
 Stefan Lindgren, CEO Talkpool

Doors open 17.30, program starts 18.00  

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Agenda for the event : 

  • 17.30 Doors open 
    18.15 Introduction
  • An overview of LPWAN News from MWC18
  • Panel discussion
    21.00 Doors close

On stage: To be announced

Tickets: This event is free of charge and first come first serve. 

Metro: Tekniska Högskolan

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